Stars Picker Audio Cafe

“Bustle of life in the city, we are all flighty creature
Perhaps only music could comfort the tired soul”

Sometimes we are just tired of work, tired of life, feeling to escape from everything and be alone in the quiet corner. Scrolling facebook, browsing internet ain’t gonna get you anywhere but to feel more lonely.

You probably need a walk or a hang out at one hidden place in the city to restore your soul.

It is at Kota Damansara, nearby Surian MRT. Over here, you can enjoy healthy vegetarian dessert, coffee, flower tea while reading variety of books and magazines, grab yourself some handmade artsy craft OR listen to different indie music album ….
The special part is that, there are world class top range headphones and equipment for you to enjoy freely : such as electrostatic, planners, dynamic headphone ranging from few to tens of thousand; vintage vinyl records and vacuum tube device; HiFi portable music player and earphones.
All the audition services are free as Stars Picker believe good music is the need of every lonely soul.

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